6m Halo Antenna

Workshop Build-A-Thon

October 7, 2023

9:00 am – 11:00 am

Want to chase 6m SSB or CW? What to participate in the VHF contests? Curious what a Halo antenna can do for you? The halo antenna has a rich history for 6 meter mobile, portable, and fixed station operation. The Halo antenna design is round making it an omnidirectional, horizontally-polarized, antenna. Some designs require a brace to support the antenna on the opposite side of the mounting bracket. The CVARC design utilizes a PVC boom to support both ends of the antenna. Join us for a build-a-thon with fellow club members. We will be building the Conejo Valley Amateur Radio Club design. Please visit their website for a narrative on the building process. See pictures below from their project build. Advance registration for the build-a-thon is required – see below.









The parts list is simple with all parts, except coax and connector, available at a home improvement store. Tools will be provided.

6 Meter Halo Antenna parts List

10’ of ¼” OD soft copper tubing (actually 110” is needed) (They do sell 10’ rolls at Home Depot)
14” of ¼” OD soft copper tubing (For the Gamma Match)
(I know this exceed the 10’ so if you have it, great otherwise I will try to have some extra with me during the project date)
1 SO-239 bulkhead or chassis mount connector
16” of RG8X coax cable (for the Gamma wire)
1’ 14 AWG Solid Copper Wire
1’ of ¼” ID x 3/8: OD plastic tubing
5’ ¾” Schedule 40 PVC pipe

Note: It is suggested to use a Halo antenna Horizontally so a U bolt would be used to connect this antenna to a mast. You can use a number of sizes for a mast; the instructions say to use a 2” U bolt. I personally will probably use a 1” mast made of 1” Schedule 40 PVC which is 1-3/8” OD so I plan on using a U bolt that would fit this. (Dean, KC9REN)

Advance Registration is Required

Attendance is restricted to a maximum of 20 attendees with advance and confirmed registration. While we invite non-members to join us, seating preference is provided to club members. All attendees must be registered and confirmed in advance to attend.