Purpose: To promote FM simplex operation and VHF/UHF contesting while giving new hams an opportunity to develop their contesting skills.

Date: Sunday, February 9th, 2020

Time: 2m (1pm – 2 pm), 70cm (2pm – 2:30pm) ,

6m (2:30pm – 3pm), 1.25m (3pm – 3:30pm)

Digital Voice (3:30pm – 4 pm) 

Region: Southeastern Wisconsin (Grids EN52, EN53, EN62, EN63) Contacts with other grid squares are also welcomed.

Bands: 2 meters, 70 centimeters, 6 meters, 1.25 meters

Categories: Base, Mobile, HT, and Club

Digital Voice: 30 minute period for D­Star and Yaesu Fusion on any of the contest bands.

Awards: Certificates given for 1st in each category and individual band with 2nd and 3rd awards based on committee discretion. Limit one award per person.

Winning club is recognized on a plaque at HRO Milwaukee.

Points: 2 meters (1 point), 70 centimeters (2 points), 6 meters (2 points), 1.25 meters (3 points)

Special Multiplier: 1.5 score multiplier for Technician Class participants.

Bonus Points: Make a contact with the MRAC station W9RH (any band), and receive a 100 point bonus on your score.

Log Information Required: Call sign of station worked, frequency, time, and grid square.

Detailed Contest Information: Detailed contest information and entry forms can be downloaded here at Contest rules.

Suggested logging program: N3FJP VHF/UHF logging.


Entries DUE on MARCH 14th 2020