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Open to Anyone who would like to know more about our ARISS project – school members, the amateur radio community, etc. The below application is out of date and we will post a revised version soon.

In March of 2017, MRAC was contacted by Chris KC9UXC about the interest of Hales Corners Lutheran School in the ARISS project. They were in need of a ham club to help with satellite communications. The club board decided it was a great idea and voted to pursue this opportunity for local schools.

Ham Radio Outlet Milwaukee has offered the use of some old KLM Satellite antennas and a Yaesu 5400B rotor. A working group has been created to build up a portable antenna setup that can be transported and setup anywhere.

We took a video of a preliminary test run in which we listened to an ARISS contact with a school in Canada as the station flew over us to show the group’s recent progress. Our antennas are directional and pointed at the space station. We do not hear the student’s in Canada asking questions because we’re only pointed one direction- at the space station, resulting in the astronaut side of the conversation. Listen in with us below!


If you are interested in being a part of the project please email the club at ariss@w9rh.org or
call Roger Heindl (AC9BT) at 414-688-1680, outreach coordinator.

Please download and distribute the February 2020_MRAC_ARISS_Application_and_Information_Packet.
This window closes March 31 and the next window will open sometime in the fall of 2020.

If approved, we expect to hear back from NASA sometime in the fall of 2020. The contact would be scheduled for the spring of 2021. Thanks for your interest!