Ladder Line J-Pole Antenna

Workshop Build-A-Thon

Saturday, March 4, 2023

9:00 am – 11:00 am

Ham Radio Outlet Training Room
(5710 W Good Hope Road, Milwaukee)


Great for apartments, high-rise condos, hotel rooms, vacations, portable ops, or any other time you need a portable antenna for 2 meters or 70 cm with minimal space…a roll-up, ladder line, J-pole antenna. (Note: this antenna was featured in QST, October 2022, page 38)

Supplies needed for this workshop: 450 Ω Ladder Line, RG -58 Coax, PL-259 with Adapter for RG-58 or BNC Connector.

Tools needed include tape measure, sharp pocket knife or razor knife, electrical tape, soldering iron, wire cutter.

Parts List

Attendance is restricted to only those attendees with advance and confirmed registration. While we invite non-members to join us, seating preference is provided to club members. All attendees must be registered and confirmed in advance to attend.