Over the years MRAC has sponsored club projects. Members have worked together towards a common goal. Below are some of the projects.

2017ARISS Project.

2014High Altitude Balloon launches.

2003 – Community repeater tower

1991 – 2 meter Repeater Project

1986 – MRAC is QSL manager for Tony, W0ORE, on Space Shuttle Mission STS51-F.

1983 – MRAC acts as QSL manager for Space Shuttle flight STS-9.

1950 – MRAC purchases a new International 1-1/2 ton “Metro” panel truck, trailer, and
associated radio and electronic equipment at a cost of around $4000 ($38,500 in 2013
money). The purpose of the truck is for club activities as well as emergency
operations in conjunction with local civil defense authorities. There were 2 complete
operating positions with equipment by Collins, National and Harvey-Wells. There was
also a Motorola receiver crystaled for Milwaukee Police frequencies. The truck towed
a matching trailer with a 2.5 KW generator. The truck was distinctively marked with
the clubs call, W9HRM (at the time).

1941 – MRAC worked with the Mayors office to set up a state-wide and local
civil defense program.

1941 – MRAC-UHF Emergency Corps has their first meeting with a topic of the defining of
equipment connector standards for portable equipment interoperability in time of

1941 – The Red Cross suggested that club members form a group to take First Aid
instructions ASAP.