We welcome all club members and non-members to the Milwaukee Radio Amateurs’ Club nets. Feel free to check in to one or all of our roundtable nets on Tuesday, Friday, or Saturday evenings. All nets are directed by a net control operator. Please tune-in early enough for instructions on how to check-in, as each of these nets is unique.

ALL NEW!  The Rookie Net

Created for those newer to the hobby and those returning from hiatus from the hobby and need to get reacclimated, the Rookie Net is the safe environment to ask ham radio related questions without judgement, and get answers from other seasoned MRAC club members. As we gain traction, “rookies” will be taking Net Control Operator duties to gain further experience handling a Net and become eligible to rotate into our other Nets. Join us on the Rookie Net Tuesday evenings at 8:00 pm CT on the MRAC repeater, 145.390 MHz.

10 Meter

Our 10 meter SSB net occurs on Fridays at 8:00 pm CT on 28.490 MHz USB. Due to changing band conditions in which another station may occupy our net frequency, standby for a couple of minutes as well as tune down to 28.485 MHz or up to 28.495 MHz for instructions from our net control. As with any simplex Net, always tune to the frequency of the Net control operator.

2 Meter

Our 2 meter FM net follows on Fridays at 9:00 pm CT on our repeater at 145.390 MHz ( -600 kHz offset, CTCSS of 127.3 Hz).

Two meter preamble/script

Yaesu Fusion Digital Net

Our Yaesu Fusion Digital net meets every Saturday night at 7:00 pm CT on our repeater at 145.390 MHz ( -600 kHz offset, CTCSS of 127.3 Hz). The net is held in Yaesu’s C4FM DN digital mode. Anyone interested in Yaesu Fusion can get first-hand information from current users on this net. If you would like to receive a weekly email reminder for this net, please contact KC9YRR@Yahoo.com

Fusion Net Preamble

MNWIS (Minnesota-Wisconsin) Fusion Technical Net

This net meets on Monday evenings at 7:30 pm CT in C4FM mode and may be accessed via our repeater at 145.390 MHz. This net is conducted by Chris, K9EQ in the Minneapolis area and accessed globally via WIRES-X from many sources, including our repeater. Only a club net control operator is responsible for linking and unlinking this net on our repeater. Click HERE to access the net’s main page, or click HERE to view a history of past net topics.