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The Milwaukee Radio Amateurs’ Club, Inc. (MRAC) welcomes you to our website. The MRAC is one of the oldest, continuously operating amateur radio clubs in the world, having been incorporated in 1917 and affiliated 100 years ago with the ARRL (The National Association for Amateur Radio) in 1919.

MRAC operates a 2M repeater system on 145.390 MHz (-600KHz offset, 127.3 pl tone) for both FM and C4FM (Yaesu Fusion). We have our regular net on Friday nights at 9pm. We also host the first C4FM “Digital” net in the Milwaukee area on Saturday nights at 7pm. Please click HERE for more information on our club nets.

Upcoming events for 2020

All future events will be updated based on Public Health recommendations.

2020 Field Day. –  For multiple reasons, the board has decided to not sponsor a club filed day outing due to COVID-19. The ARRL has made some temporary rule changes that all multiple single operators to put their individual score towards a club. For this not count you need to submit your log and list the Milwaukee Radio Amateurs’ Club as the affiliated club. For more details on the rules and any changes please check the ARRL website

Ready to take your Amateur “Ham” Radio License Exam? Please check with the VEC team on their COVID-19 requirements. 

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