Let’s Build Something!

MRAC is initiating a new Workshops program focusing on build-a-thons, workshop tools, building technique, and project assistance. Beginning in 2023, workshops will be held on the first Saturday of each month, at 9:00 am at Ham Radio Outlet in Milwaukee (5710 W Good Hope Rd) at their training room next door. Your workshop master is Dean, KC9REN. Note the new time 9:00 am.

Upcoming Build-a-thons:

January 7: Tape Measure Antenna
February 4: 4 MHz Offset Attenuator (for fox hunting)
April: HF band pass filters

If you have any other ideas for future workshops, contact Dean KC9REN.

Please watch this website for project pages that will contain information specific to these projects and other helpful information. Due to the limited seating, all workshops require advance registration and the necessary parts and tools.