Interested in amateur radio but need help getting a license? Contemplating a project but need some advice? Facing a challenge in the ham shack but need an additional perspective? Stuck with a project and need some insight? Been away for a few years and need a jump start?

We’re Hams Helping Hams™

“Elmers” participate in a rich tradition within the Amateur Radio hobby whereby seasoned, experienced hams offer assistance and share knowledge to newer hams getting their start, licensed hams re-entering the hobby after time away, or budding hams interested in achieving their Technician class license.

Hams Helping Hams™ is a seasoned group of Milwaukee Radio Amateurs’ Club members each offering a unique set of skills and expertise for assisting club members. Categories of expertise range from hands-on practical applications to advisory and counseling. We offer this service to our ham community as a give-back and thank you to the Elmers who helped give us our start in this multi-faceted and fascinating radio communications hobby many years ago.

The MRAC’s Hams Helping Hams™ program is designed for one-to-one assistance with meetings and dialogue taking place over the phone, via zoom, or in-person, as the need fits and both parties feel comfortable, especially during the COVID wind-down period. Hands-on demonstrations may be best conducted in-person whereas advisory topics may be more immediate via zoom or phone calls. Let your Elmer be your guide during this process.

The services noted below are available to any member of the Milwaukee Radio Amateurs’ Club. Non-members should contact the Membership Committee regarding benefits or apply online for membership. Milwaukee and Waukesha County area high school students and younger may inquire about Tech Class License assistance  without need for membership.