Special Event Station


January 6, 2024

The Milwaukee Radio Amateurs’ Club celebrated 107 years of continuous service as an amateur radio club, and 105 years of affiliation with the ARRL (the national association for amateur radio). We were on the air from the Ham Radio Outlet showroom working 20 meters and our VHF repeater (145.390 MHz PL 127.3) or WiRES-X (#43588). Thanks to W1AW (Josh) for a FB contact! And all the other hams around the US and our DX contact in Slovak Republic.

A commemorative certificate is available upon request for stations with confirmed contact with W9RH/107 during the Special Event. To request your certificate, please send an email to: specialevent@w9rh.org, including your name, call sign and preferred email address for receiving the certificate.


Here are some pix from this year’s event.

Above: Jeff (KD9VGH), Rich (W9ABE), Fred  (W9KEY),  Gary(KD9VGL), Jeff (AD9AB).

Left: Dick (N9EEE), Dave (KD9YYI)

Right: Jeff (AD9AB), Dick (N9EEE)

Not pictured: Carter (W9ERR), Ted (N9KQQ)