Fox Hunting Offset Attenuator

Workshop Build-A-Thon

Saturday, February 4, 2023

9:00 am (new time)

Ham Radio Outlet Training Room
(5710 W Good Hope Road, Milwaukee)


When you’re closing in on the fox you may find the signals to be strong enough that you can no longer find a peak or null with your antenna. The solution is to use an offset attenuator between your HT and the antenna. The circuit consists of a small RF generator, in this case 4MHz, which will mix with the incoming fox signal (such as 146.520 MHz) and produce new signals at plus and minus the fox signal (142.520 MHz and 150.520 MHz).

The kit is available at 3rd Planet Solar/KC9ON. (components only)

You will also need to provide your own enclosure. Style may vary depending on how you wish to mount or utilize the attenuator during use. Included are a few pictures of some enclosure ideas available at your favorite home improvement store.

You will also need to provide 2 BNC chassis mount connectors, available wherever ham radio products are sold.

Requirements for this workshop: attenuator kit, soldering iron.

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