What is Amateur Radio?

A technical communications hobby that allows a licensed amateur radio operator to communicate locally and around the globe through electromagnetic waves (radio frequencies). Voice, Morse Code, and digital modes of transmission are the primary communication modes. Feel free to attend one of our Club meetings to learn more about this far-reaching, fascinating hobby we call “the original social media.”

ARRL (The US national organization representing amateur radio)
Website: What is Amateur Radio
Video: What is Amateur Radio

RSGB (The UK version of the ARRL)
Video: A Hobby for the 21st Century

How do I get a FCC license?

There are three license classes administered by the Federal Communications Commission. The ARRL has a good explanation of these. All three license classes (Technician, General, Extra), require an understanding of radio theory, electronics, and the rules and regulations for operating an amateur radio station.

The MRAC recommends a two-pronged approach towards studying for your license: read the ARRL license study manuals along with viewing the companion YouTube video series from Dave Casler (KE0OG) which reinforces and further explains the various concepts. Learning the material will lead to a far more satisfying experience in the hobby: it’s what we talk about, what we do in our workshops, how we appreciate what we do and how we do it.

Video series

Video Series

Video Series

Ham Radio Boot Camp

Twice a year, MRAC offers Ham Radio Boot Camp to newly licensed amateur radio operators to help them get started on-the-air. With local knowledge of radio conditions, our Club’s experts help “rookies” overcome mic fright, understand how to use their radios, set up their first radio station,