Paint Can Dummy Load

Workshop Build-a-thon

Saturday, August 3, 2024
9:00 am – 11:00 am

Ham Radio Outlet Training Room
(5730 W Good Hope Road, Milwaukee)


Every ham shack should have a dummy load for testing purposes off air and into a safe load. The dummy load has many test uses such as when measuring power output of a transceiver or when measuring the integrity of coaxial cable.

Dummy loads are usually rated for QRP (up to 10 watts), low power (up to 300 watts), and high power (up to 2000 watts). This project build is rated for up to 300 watts of RF power. The “paint can” dummy load has been around almost as long amateur radio and is a worthy add to the ham shack. (above is an example of the “paint can” dummy load).

Tools needed include soldering iron kit, wire cutter, and basic hand tools. The Parts List includes purchase items required prior to the Build-a-thon.

Attendance is restricted to only those attendees with advance and confirmed registration. While we invite non-members to join us, seating preference is provided to club members. All attendees must be registered and confirmed in advance to attend.

Parts List