Learn Morse Code in 8 Weeks

Morse Code Beginner Class

This is a Morse Code beginner class with an attendance cap on class size. Therefore, this class is limited to only those learning Morse Code at the beginner level. This means, you’ve never learned it or don’t remember it. There are other self-improvement classes available elsewhere that I can point you to if you need a brush-up or want to QRQ. The Morse Code Beginner sessions are FREE to MRAC club members.

This class is part of the CWops (The CW Operators Club) CW Academy which offers free CW training at the Beginner, Fundamental, Intermediate, and Advanced levels. As a CWops member, I am able to provide this class to you for FREE as well as offer a certificate of completion and recommendation for advancement to their next level of CW training classes when you pass this course.

You will need to register via the CW Academy as well as send me an email with your name and callsign so I can include your registration in my class. If you don’t email me, you will be placed with someone else. Class size is limited so register as soon as possible. (Special Note: you will need to register for the January 2024 beginner session, however this will be changed by CWA administrators to accommodate our class in September 2023). Remember to email me after you regisgter. Only members of the Milwaukee Radio Amateurs’ Club will be accepted in this class. Registration closes on September 16, 2023.


When: Mondays and Thursdays from 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm Central Time (1900 – 2000)

Class length: 8 weeks (16 sessions), starting Monday September 25 – November 16, 2023
* required kick-off/introductory session on Thursday, September 21

Where: via Zoom (link to be distributed)


  • Internet connection to access Zoom
  • Computer with camera
  • Headset or earbuds for use with computer
  • Key and sidetone oscillator (you may use either the sidetone in your radio or a standalone oscillator such as the QRPGuys Code Trainer, Morserino, or MFJ 464. It needs to have variable speed capability). A double-paddle key for sending is required, such as a Bencher BY-1 or another similar key. Used keys are often available on QRZ.com. I have purchased two, available for resale at cost to anyone enrolled in the class. CW Morse offers inexpensive keys…quality isn’t the best, but they work.
  • A commitment to practice sessions of 60 minutes per day (4 15-minute sessions)
  • A commitment to attend each session (accepting unavoidable conflicts)



  • Learning (hearing and sending) the alphabet, numbers, and select punctuation by sound
  • Learning CW protocol (POTA and contest exchanges, ragchew QSOs)
  • Ability to send and receive Morse Code at a minimum of 6 words per minute
  • Ability to work a POTA station or slow speed contest station
  • Resources to improve your newfound skill
  • Certificate of completion and offer to attend the Basic or Fundamental class in  Jan 2024



  • Do not look at graphical representations of the Morse Code. It will set you back tremendously.


Advisor: Dick Strassburger, N9EEE