Discovery World

Saturday, October 22 and Sunday, October 23, 2022

(join us November 4 at Discovery World)

MRAC was the prime display at this year’s Maker Faire positioned in the center of all activity and noticeably visible from the entrance corridor. Over 5,000 attendees passed through the gates during the event with most of them intrigued by our showpiece ARISS satellite antennas as they tracked active satellites passing overhead. The ARISS Project Team engaged with students, teachers, advisors, and parents about the ARISS program and satellite communications. Our large U-shaped display also contained The Morse Code Experience (aka Digital Social Media) where attendees could tap out their name in Morse Code and record it into their smartphones for playback to their friends.

Volunteers for planning, set-up, tear-down, and engagement at the display included: Ted, N9KQQ, Dick, N9EEE, Dave, KA9WXN, Tony, KD9NXU, Jeff, AD9AB, Roger, AC9BT, Dean, KC9REN, and Tom, W9TJP.