(Board of Directors: Dean, Ted, Rich, Dale, Dick, and Carter. Roger is not shown)


Board of Directors

  • Director, President – Dick Strassburger, N9EEE
  • Director, Vice President – Roger Heindl, AC9BT **
  • Director, Secretary – Rich Hawthorne, W9ABE
  • Director, Treasurer – Dale Webler, AB9DW **
  • Director – Dean Berglund, KC9REN **
  • Director – Ted Carlson, N9KQQ
  • Director – Carter Davis, W9ERR

** term expiring 2024

Editor: Dick, N9EEE
Proofreader: Ted, N9KQQ

FM Simplex Contest
Dave, KA9WXN
Gary, KD9VLG
Dave, WB9SXG

Field Day Committee
Board of Directors

JOTA (Jamboree On The Air)
Dean, KC9REN

Maker Faire
Ted, N9KQQ

Membership Committee
Dick, N9EEE*
Gary, KD9VLG
Dale, AB9DW

Marketing Committee
Dick, N9EEE

Public Relations/Publicity

Repeater/Technical Committee
Roger, AC9BT*
Dave, KA9WXN

Swapfest Committee
Dick, N9EEE*
Carter, W9ERR

Website Committee
Dick, N9EEE – content
Roger, AC9BT – technical

Dean, KC9REN

FCC License Trustee
Dave, WB9BWP

Club Historian
Dave, WB9BWP


Milwaukee Radio Amateurs’ Club
P.O. Box 26938
Milwaukee, WI 53226