ARRL Field Day, the fourth weekend in June, puts amateur radio on full display nationwide when operators fan out to parks, fields, and other public places to simulate emergency communications in time of a disaster. The MRAC utilizes a public location and invites other amateur radio operators to join in the effort to showcase reliable communications using Morse Code, voice, data, and satellite modes. The public is welcome to view our operations and find out more about Amateur Radio.

The object of Field Day is to communicate with as many other Field Day stations on the designated HF, VHF, and UHF bands. We encourage all club members and guests to participate and enhance their radio communications knowledge and skills. The public is welcome to observe and learn about this fascinating hobby in a simulated emergency communications environment.

2022 Field Day Returned to an In-Person Experience

Thank you to everyone who came to set-up, tear-down, and/or operate during Field Day. And to those who helped behind the scenes. And to our visitors who came to enjoy the aura of our brand of Field Day operations. What an experience we had this year. Check back for stories and pictures, coming later in July.

Home Stations (Class D): we encourage you to designate Milwaukee RAC as your club when submitting your score. Combined with the W9RH Field Day Station, our scores will aggregate into one large score for the Milwaukee Radio Amateurs’ Club. As rules have changed since last year, please consult the ARRL rules. Entries must be postmarked or submitted by Tuesday July¬†26, 2022. Late entries cannot be¬†accepted.

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